Stained glass

The stained glass of St John’s Malone is of some importance.

The work of eight studios, or artists, is represented


Location plan

and index

 of windows

Rose window

There are three windows by Evie Hone, an artist of international reputation.  The rose window above the gallery at the west end of the Church was particularly favoured by John Betjeman.  

For a descriptive account of Evie Hone’s Rose window click here...

The other two Evie Hone windows are more accessible, that of St Brigid is in the west porch and a pensive St Columba is to be found on the west wall of the south transept.  

St Brigid

St Columba


The leaves on the tree

Wilhelmina Margaret Geddes, also known internationally, is represented by an interesting window based on “The leaves on the tree” text from Revelation.  The window was constructed in 1920 and bears long and detailed examination.  

William McBride’s colours are vivid and glorious in the RIR Memorial in the Baptistry and in the compelling figure of St Joan on the nave’s north wall.  Two other windows designed by William McBride are found on the nave's south wall.

RIR Memorial

St Joan


Crowning the Victor


The east window is by the Bavarian firm of Mayer of Munich.

  It is delicately expressive of its theme “suffer the children to come unto me” and is a favourite of many parishioners.


Four other Mayer & Co. windows are found in St John’s.  




The East Window














Light of the World

Christ carrying

the Cross


Christ with 

Mother and Child


There is a window by the local firm Clokey 




and by the local firm Ward and Partners


Raising of Lazarus

St Comgall

Humble as a little Child


Faith Charity Hope


Four matching stylised portraits of saints  in the south transept are by Caldermac

             St Brendan               St Gall

           St Richard            Jeremy Taylor


In the north transept there is a “St Patrick” window signed by K. O’Brien.  



and in the North Nave an unsigned window

            St Patrick   Walking on the Water




Rose Window