Institution of the Revd Canon Stephen Fielding in St John's Malone on Wednesday 26 Sept 2018








From left:   South Belfast Rural Dean - Revd Kevin Graham, Revd Canon Stephen Fielding, the Bishop of Connor - Rt Rev Alan Abernethy.
Bishop's Chaplain - Revd Clifford Skillen, Archdeacon of Connor - Ven Stephen McBride, Diocesan Registrar - Revd William Taggart,
 Archdeacon of Dalriada - Ven Paul Dundas, Canon Gary Hastings



On Wed 26 September 2018 at 8pm the Rev Canon Stephen Fielding was instituted as Rector of St John the Evangelist's, Malone.


The service was conducted by the Rural Dean the Revd Kevin Graham and the address was given by Canon Gary Hastings, Canon of Christ Church Cathedral Dublin and Rector of Killiney.

The Old Testament reading and Epistle were read by John Wright and Margaret McClelland and the Gospel by the Revd Tim Close.


During the Service members of the congregation brought forward symbols of the teaching, pastoral and sacramental ministry of an incumbent:

Michael Parkinson presented a Bible to the Rector

Rosemary Macartney presented a flagon of water used for Baptism

Paul Magee presented a Book of Common Prayer

Cate Turner and Cheryl Stafford presented bread and wine

Nick Clarke presented oil as used in healing


At the conclusion of the service various speeches were made by representatives.




  Canon Gary Hastings










Revd Kevin Graham (Rural Dean)

Rosemary Peters Gallagher

of Agherton Parish

Very Reverend Edward O'Donnell

of St Brigidís Belfast















Frances McEvoy of

St John the Evangelist Falls Road


Ken Dunn of St Johns Malone


Canon Stephen Fielding