Canon Robert Jones' Last Sunday in St John's  

Sunday 25 February was Canon Robert Jones' last Sunday in St John's Malone. Preaching at the Family Eucharist he reflected on his time in St John's based on the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

The Eucharist was celebrated at the Nave altar. This had been introduced, at first on a trial basis in October 2013, when Robert realised that our young people did not experience "The Eucharist" until they were confirmed and become Servers. This has now become a regular feature for our Family Eucharist on the third Sunday of each month using the recently dedicated platform and new Nave Altar. Speaking later Robert said he had particularly enjoyed working with the young people in St John's and felt honoured, when they came forward at the Eucharist, to kneel and give them a Blessing. St John's loses many young people when they go off to University and never come back except for Christmas when we see them at our midnight Eucharist and on Christmas Day. He said as a parish we should be proud of the preparation we have given to our young people. 

The Choral Group sang two pieces during the Service and later entertained parishioners in the hall.

   Canon Jones Farewell Sermon  
Blessing the children Ablutions

Giving a Blessing to some of our young people

      Choir recesses  
Choral Group
The Choral Group
  The Presentation and Lunch   

After the Service parishioners moved to the L'Estrange hall for a cup of tea or coffee.

Moving into the Seaver Hall proceedings started with some musical entertainment from the Choral Group. 

When this finished Norman Campbell started a quiz based on people and events of Robert's stay with us.

Anne Twadell then made the presentation of gifts to Robert.

Finally a buffet lunch was enjoyed. 

  Norman Campbell The Choral Group
      The Choral Group   
The presdentation  Anne Twadell 
   Presents given    Picture with children  


Best wishes Robert from all in St John's as you embark on a new episode in your life. The opportunity to move back home was not to be missed. We will miss you and hope all goes well for you in the Kiltegan Group of parishes. We have a lot of church halls needing repair but at least we have only one church to keep roofed!!

  Sunday school wishes