Dr Maithrie White Dundas  
  From May to July 2017 Dr Maithrie White Dundas joined us on Placement from the Church of Ireland Theological Institute. Whilst pursuing a degree in English (Literature) in Sri Lanka, Maithrie White learned how crucial it was to develop a Christian mind in her studies as well as the world around her. This vision was fired and nurtured by FOCUS (the IFES affiliated Fellowship of Christian University Students - Sri Lanka), and subsequently by the passion and commitment of its community of graduates. As a graduate in Sri Lanka, she was extensively involved with the ministry of FOCUS as an associate staff worker and speaker. During her PhD at the University of Nottingham the same passion and vision of FOCUS fired the founding, by a group of students, academics and chaplains, of “the Postgrad Conference” in 2003.

After her PhD she returned to lecturing in Sri Lanka, where she was Head of the Department of English. She was fascinated by the beauty and mystery of the Universe, and intrigued with what makes our world go round. She enjoyed dabbling with theology, theory, and the magic of words, and delighted in mixing them all up one way or another. She also a writer of fiction.

When she walked into St Thomas’, Belfast in 2009, she never expected to wear a clergy collar in a few years. She had dreamed of being a Vet when she was a teenager. Instead God led her to a degree in English, lecturing at University, and to a doctorate in Nottingham where she met Paul her husband and made the Anglican communion her home. If someone had told her earlier that she would marry a Northern Irish man, live in Belfast and be ordained, she would have laughed

She is currently Chair of Transforming the Mind, the Annual Christian Postgraduate Conference she founded in 2003, and and serves on the Board of Trustees of Contemporary Christianity Northern Ireland. She enjoys reading, writing, art, Monty Python, Top Gear (the old series) and walking the bouncing dog in the Lagan Meadows.   
She is due to complete her MTh at Trinity College, Dublin to be ordained in the Church of Ireland in September 2017.

Dr Maithrie White Dundas

Dr Maithrie White Dundas


On Sunday 3 Sept 2017 Dr Maithrie White Dundas was Ordained Deacon for the Parish of Ballyholme in the Diocese of Down and Dromore