St John's Parish Barbecue
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After the successful first Parish Barbecue in 2014, the event was repeated again on Saturday 5 September 2015, as people returned from holiday and before the young people got involved in Saturday sport. About 110 people of all ages atended. This year it was in the Newforge Country Club in a room with direct access to the playing fields so the young people could use up some energy. Kites were available to keep the young amused as people gathered.

Next on the agenda was fifty minutes of entertainment from "Magic George" which kept the young and not so young amused.

Next on the agenda was food - first the young people for their burgers, hot dogs and chips - then the adults for theirs.

The evening finished of with an all-age quiz hosted by Norman Campbell. The questions ensured each table needed to have people of all ages to ensure success.

Thanks are due to the committee who organised the event, Magic George, Norman Campbell and the staff of the Newforge Country Club.

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