Visit to the Dock Cafe and SS Nomadic  
  On Tuesday 16 Sept 18 members of the Men's Society, wives and friends visited the Dock Cafe. Revd Chris Bennett had given a talk to the Men's society/Mothers' Union in St John's in March 2012, the week they had obtained the premises and were preparing for a broadcast Songs of Praise within a few days. The cafe was set up in a vacant premises with donated furniture and equipment to minister to the local residents, business people and students from the Belfast Metropolitan College across the road. Seven chaplains from different denominations now work in the cafe.

The group them moved across the quay to the SS Nomadic for a guided tour, hearing how it was built at the same time as Titanic to act as a tender in Cherbourg ferrying passengers out to the liners. Many original decorations and artefacts have survived, been restored or obtained back from those who were "storing" them. The story how it survived two World Wars and was saved from the scrap yard on a number of occasions makes a very interesting story. 
  Dock cafe  
  In front of SS Nomadic   On deck of SS Nomadic  
  SS Nomadic First Class   SS Nomadic First Class Bar