The Walking Group on Divis Mountain

Belfast from Divis


Walking group on Divis

Psalm 121 tells us that “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills” and, wherever you are in Belfast, if you raise your eyes you can see the hills: the Castlereagh Hills, Stormont, Carnmoney Hill, the Knockagh or Divis for example.  And the hills look down upon us.  What do they see? 

On a perfect evening in June – warm and windless – nine members of the walking group went to find out.   From the Divis car park we followed a mile and a half of tarmac walk way to the twin aerials ahead, trying to ignore King Ailill’s Great White Bull, Finnbennach, of which Queen Medb was so jealous, and hoping it would ignore us; we then branched right along a boardwalk for about half a mile to a triangulation pillar overlooking Belfast.

What a panorama!  Where is St John’s?  It needs a tower or spire.  Can you see the Cathedral’s needle spire?  Why did we leave the binoculars in the car?  There’s a Copeland Island - and Scrabo Tower.  And Michael Parkinson recorded the scene.  Then back to Belfast for ice creams from Maud’s in Drumglass Park.

Join us on our next evening walk on Tuesday 9th July, at 6:30 in the lower car park at Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park.

Photos: Michael Parkinson