Hymn Society Festival in St Anne's Cathedral  
  Choirs practising  

On Saturday 17 September 2011 choirs from throughout Northern Ireland met in St Anne's Cathedral for a festival of Hymn singing.

The event was organised by the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland for its 75th Anniversary by its Executive President Bishop Edward Darling. The organist was Dr Donald Davison and a number of members of St John's choir took part

A HS75 orchestra was assembled specially for the occasion by Julie Bell who also orchestrated the hymns.

Choirs were conducted by John Barnard and Christopher Idle introduced each of the hymns.

  St Johns Choir members  
      Some members of St John's choir  
  Orchestra   Dr Donald Davison  

John Barnard conducting with the HS75 orchestra

  Dr Donald Davison  
    Organisers and Distinguished Guests  

Chris Idle introducing the hymns


John Crothers (Chairman RSCM France), Christopher Idle (Hymn writer & commentator), Bishop Edward Darling (Exec President HS GB & NI), Julie Bell (Leader of HS75 orchestra), Dr Donald Davison (Organist) and John Barnard (Conductor)