Week of Prayer for Christian Unity  
  Very Rev Edward O'Donnell   The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was celebrated in St John's with an address at the 10am Eucharist by the Very Rev. Edward O'Donnell from St Brigid's. Based on the reading and Gospel he said that Christ's command to "Follow Him" is as relevant today as then. St Paul expressed concern that Christians in Corinth were following different leaders according to their taste in worship. It is difficult to reunite something which has been rent apart.The centurions at the Cross threw lots for Christ's cloak as without a seam it would be difficult to divide. We must be careful that we are not today trying to parcel Christianity according to our own taste.  

The Very Rev Edward O'Donnell preaching in St John's 

McKelvey and O'Donnell On the Sunday evening the Churches of South Belfast came together for a Service in St Brigid's church with participation by members of each of the churches. A combined choir led the congregation.
In his address
Rev Dr Derek J. McKelvey, Minister of Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, referred to the differences in our theology, our liturgies, our governance, but claimed these were unimportant if we failed to reach out in Christian Fellowship to all in need. We need to work together to reach out to our sinful world.

Rev Dr Derek J. McKelvey and
the Very Rev Edward O'Donnell

  South Belfast Service  
  South Belfast Choir   
      The combined choir