"Edgar Turner at 90" Book Launch on Friday 19 November  

Turner at 90 gathering


Canon John Mann invited Canon Edgar Turner for a cup of tea and a chat with a few friends, but on arrival at the Seaver Hall he found not a "few" friends but "quite a few" friends - in fact approximately 120 of his friends had gathered for the occasion.
Unknown to Canon Turner 13 of these friends had over the past year contributed essays describing different periods of his life or his many interests. These had been assembled into a book with an Introduction by Canon Mann and a Foreword by Archbishop Harper. The whole project had been kept secret from Edgar for 12 months.

The book covers his days in Birmingham, at Queen's, and in St George's during difficult times. It covers his expertise in Canon Law, Liturgy, and solving Parochial boundary problems by researching old maps. His lesser known interests in woodworking, book binding and leather work, and of course "the beautiful game" are also fully covered. The book is an excellent read for anyone who has ever crossed paths with Edgar Turner.

The book launch was compered by Revd Brian Stewart (Current Rector of St George's) with presentations by Bishop Sam Poyntz (who had come from Dublin to be with us) and Canon Lady Sheil.

Canon Edgar Turner

Canon Edgar Turner

  Revd Brian Stewart   Bishop Samuel Poyntz   Lady Sheil  

Revd Brian Stewart


Bishop Sam Poyntz


Canon Lady Brenda Sheil

  Turner family Book signing  

The Turner family:   Kate, Joan, Edgar and Justin         Photo: Mark Pearce Photography

Signing copies

  Canon Mann and Canon Turner   Good Bookshop  
  Canon John Mann and Canon Edgar Turner         Photo: Mark Pearce Photography    

Richard Ryan (Good Book Shop) with Sean O'Boyle and Michael Brennan (Columba Press)

  Bishop Sam Poyntz, Canon Edgar Turner and Canon Lady Sheil  

"Edgar Turner at 90" is available from the Good Book Shop,

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 Edgar Turner at 90
  Bishop Sam Poyntz, Canon edgar Turner and Canon Lady Sheil
                                                                    Photo: Mark Pearce Photography