South Belfast Churches Lent Programme 2010 on the Theme

 "Faith Seeking Understanding"


held on Tuesdays 23 February to 23 March 2010

  In previous years the six Lisburn Road and Malone Road churches enjoyed the facilities of the new hall at St Brigid's to hear a series of talks under a particular theme by invited high profile speakers. The people attending from the six churches have grown together, so this year it was decided to have a home-grown series moving around the churches in the group with a speaker from one of the other churches. The talks under the topic "Faith Seeking Understanding" were held in the context of Worship.  

The first of the series took place in McCracken Memorial. The address was given by the Revd Eugene O'Neill (St Brigid's). The worship was led by the Revd Alex Wimberly.

As an "Introduction to Prayer" Revd O'Neill posed the question "What is prayer". He went on to discuss the essentials for prayer - based on our belief in and relationship with God. Finally he outlined the various ways in which we pray.

Revd Eugene O'Neill (St Brigid's) with the
Revd Alex Wimberly (McCracken Memorial) in McCracken Memorial
Revd Eugene O'Neill's talk
St Briigid's

The following week we moved on to St Brigid's church where Canon John Mann (St John the Evangelist, Malone) spoke about prayer related to "Repentance / Confession".

After outlining different types and liturgical practice of confession, he went on to explain why we confess and the difference between Repentance and Confession.

Canon John Mann (St John's, Malone) with the
Revd Alex Wimberly (McCracken Memorial) in St Brigid's
Canon John Mann's talk
Lisburn Road Methodist 

The third week we moved on to Lisburn Road Methodist Church where the Revd Paul Erskine (Windsor Presbyterian) spoke about Prayer related to Lamentation.

He started by discussing Lamentation as portrayed in the Old and New Testaments, then went on to discuss Lamentation in history, in the personal context and finally as part of modern Liturgy. He suggested that as Confession is followed by Absolution, perhaps Lamentation should be followed by a declaration of Godís sovereignty and his never-ending mercy and his love in Christ

Revd Paul Erskine (Windsor Presbyterian) with the
Revd Alex Wimberly (McCracken Memorial) in Lisburn Road Methodist
Revd Paul Erskine's talk
Windsor Presbyterian

The next in the series was in Windsor Presbyterian Church where the Revd Dr Fred Munce (South Belfast Methodist Circuit) spoke about Prayer related to Intercession.

The Revd Alex Wimberly (McCracken Memorial) with the
Revd Dr Fred Munce (South Belfast Methodist) in Windsor Presbyterian
Revd Dr Frederick Munce's address
St John's Malone   

The last in the series was in St John's, Malone where the Revd Elizabeth Hanna (St Nicholas') spoke

The Revd Elizabeth Hanna (St Nicholas') with the
 Revd Alex Wimberly (McCracken Memorial) in St John's, Malone.
  Revd Elizabeth Johnston's address     

The six churches of South Belfast working together are:-

  St Brigid's Parish Church

McCracken Memorial Presbyterian Church

St Nicholas'
Church of Ireland

Lisburn Road Methodist Church

Presbyterian Church

St John the Evangelist
Church of Ireland