St John's choir sing at Eucharist and Evensong in St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin  

On April 19 2009, the Second Sunday of Easter, St Johnís choir sang the morning Eucharist and afternoon Evensong in St Patrickís Cathedral, Dublin.

The choir was conducted by its organist and choirmaster Dr Donald Davison. Settings for the Eucharist were by Dr Davison as used in St Johnís each Sunday, and during the Administration a motet by Charles Wood was sung in the Lady Chapel.

At Evensong the Responses were to a setting by Dr Davison, the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis to a setting by Sebastian Wesley, and the anthem was by John Goss.


Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, founded in 1191, is the National Cathedral in Ireland with a Chapter drawn from all over Ireland.

Dublin's has two Cathedrals, St Patrick's and Christ Church. Christ Church Cathedral is the diocesan cathedral, whereas St Patrick's, the larger of the two, is the National Cathedral.

The Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and enabled choir members to relax in the adjacent park between the services.