Women's World Day of Prayer 2008  
  Congregation WWDP  
  Each year Women's World Day of Prayer is celebrated throughout the world on the same day and the form of service to be used at all venues is drawn up by a chosen country. This year the service was drawn up by the women of Guyana in South America. The service for the churches in south Belfast was held in St John's and the address was given by Lady Eames (former Worldwide President of the Mothers' Union) and the service was led by Rosemary Macartney, St John's member of the Organising committee. Representatives from other churches participated as readers and members of the choir. The choir were accompanied by Dr Donald Davison.   Rosemary Simpson, Lady Eames, Rosemary Macartney  
      Rosemary Simpson (Chairperson of the Organising Committee),
Christine Eames and Rosemary Macartney