68th Belfast Scouts celebrate 70th Birthday      
On 17 November 68th Belfast Scouts celebrated its 70th birthday with a Service in St Johns at which the preacher was the Chief Scout for Northern Ireland, Dr Wilfred Mulryne.
This was also the Harvest Weekend in St john's and an exhibition was brought together in the L'Estrange Hall by Mervyn and Vivien Douglas and John Smiley showing momentos and photographs of Scouting in St John's throughout the decades.

      Dr Mulryne preaching at the Service

Rory assists Stanley Rainey to cut the 70th Birthday cake

          ........  Douglas, Gavin and Gareth   
  The Exhibition       

Back Row.   Richard Breene, Patrick Ford, Nicholas Hagan, David Brown, Nicholas Gill, Jamie McClelland, Richard Girvan,

                   Edward Johnston, Patrick Miscampbell, Neil Cunningham, Andrew McDonough, Richard Kellv.

Second Row  Simon Llewellvn, John Macartney, Peter Girvan, Robert McKeag, Joanne McGrath, Vivian Douglas

                  , Rosemarv Macartney, Dermot Smiley, Patrick Kerr, Alastair Campbell, Jonathan Boyd.

Front Row.     Ian Corry, Peter Brown, John Gibson, Alan Brown, Peter McKeag, Barry Shaw, Philip Mulryne

                     David Mulryne, James Hamilton, Patrick Gould, Rory McConnell, Philip Pedlow.

   Back Row Venture Scouts:
Alison Cooley, Dermot Smiley, John Pierce, John Hine, Noelle Pierce, Robert McKeag, Susan Mitchell
Front Row Scouts:
Paul Fleck (VSL), Shirley Young (ABSI), Kathleen White (BSL), Mervyn Douglas (GSL), Vivian Douglas (CSL), Rosemary Macartney (ACSL), Peter Simpson (SL) 

  Back Row:      Stephen Kelly, Robin McKay, David Macartney, Gavin McKay, Christopher Emmerson
                      Andrew Waters, John Russell, Keith McAdam, William Miscampbell, Alan Emerson
Middle Row:    Timothy Forbes, Gavin Mitchell, Mark White, Mervyn Douglas, Peter Simpson, Revd Alan Harper
                      Douglas Gibson, Graeme McLaughlin, Simon Connolly, Ian Scott
Front Row:      Ronan Mitchell, John McKeag, Gareth Gibson, Ian Glasgow, Jamie McConnell, Stephen Pedlow
                       Ian Dempsey, David Connolly, Peter Sandby-Thomas
  John Smiley (GSL) bids farewell to the troop travelling to the International Scout Camp in St Lucia in the Millenium year 2000