Afternoon Forum Entertained                       
    The afternoon started with some culture - music, poetry (of the Belfast type), and other prose, and the first half finished with the usual rousing sing-song of old favourites.        

After a strengthening cup of tea, things went rapidly downhill, when we had a short pantomime "Cinderella".

As Cinderella sat by the fire Hilaryed and Pilliaried by her two ugly sisters (one should have had more Whit(ten), the other we couldn't believe was a Man(n)). Shirley the prompter can't have lost the plot so soon.

 They didn't allow for the Sugar Plum Fairy (Lidl's last week offer) looking through her Rose coloured tresses to sort it out so that with the best Will(s) Cinders got her prince.  
  And the whole motley crew lived happy ever after