CIMS Quiet Day 2007 in Derryloran Parish, Cookstown


Revd Matthew Hagan (Derryloran Parish), Dean Patrick Rooke (CIMS General Secretary who celebrated the service of Holy Communion), the Revd Grace Clunie (Rector of St Nicholas', Belfast who conducted the afternoon) and the Revd Norman Porteus (Rector of Derryloran Parish)


Derryloran Parish Church, Cookstown played host to the Church of Ireland Men’s Society’s Quiet Afternoon. The afternoon was conducted by the Revd Grace Clunie, Rector of St Nicholas’, Belfast. She told members that  “In a world where today everything seems transient people long for three things: they long for something that is enduring, they long for something that is real and is relevant, and they long for their own individual experience of God in their lives”. She said it was a pity that our churches could not be open 24/7 as a refuge from the rush of the world for quiet contemplation and prayer. Those of the Islamic faith are to be admired for their attitude to daily prayer.

Following the Service in the parish church the afternoon concluded with an AGM in Gortalowry House chaired by the Dean of Armagh, the Very Revd Patrick Rooke. Gortalowry House, a new building built next to the church on church land, but leased to the community to serve the community needs of the Cookstown area. It is supported by the four main church bodies. Its stated aim reads “To provide local people with a resource to help foster and develop ‘community’ life. Gortalowry House is committed to creating an environment which strives to ensure equality of opportunity regardless of age, race, culture, religion, disability or sexual orientation”. And the whole community does come through its doors.

The Revd. Grace Clunie

Wilfred Young (CIMS Hon Lay Sec) making a presentation to the Revd. Grace Clunie

Gortalowry House

Multi-Resource Community Centre

Wilfred Young tells the story of Gortalowry House