Traidcraft - Fighting Poverty Through Trade

On Wednesday 21 January a meting was held for those who use the halls in St John's. Fiona Doherty of Traidcraft demonstrated the wide range of products available from Traidcraft. under the FAIRTRADE brand to encourage them to use Fair Trade products e.g. tea, coffee

Traidcraft is now the UK's leading social enterprise organisation dedicated to making trade work for the poor. It was established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty. It helps disadvantaged producers in the developing world build better lives for themselves by engaging in international trade. Through its linked charity, Traidcraft Exchange, it also undertakes small business development and advocacy work around the world. To find out more visit the website

Most Traidcraft products come from established Traidcraft overseas suppliers and are sourced on a fair trade basis. In the case of fairly traded handicrafts, the supplier is identified by name. Food products frequently contain ingredients from several sources.

Some food products contain ingredients purchased in the UK & Europe where a fair trade alternative is not yet available. The Traidcraft range also includes products made in the UK and Europe (e.g. some stationery and tissues), the income from which supports the mission of fighting poverty through trade.



Some products, such as tea and coffee, are available in the main Supermarkets, and can be identified by the FairTrade symbol.

Testing the tea!


Some samples from the wide range of products available