Family Fun Day at Gosford                    by Olivia

On Sunday 1 June some of the members of our church went to Gosford Park in Armagh for our Family Fun Day. When we arrived it was raining, so we used one of the park buildings. When everyone arrived we had our picnic lunch.

Afterwards Margaret split us into two groups and we had great fun playing games. The best game was the tug-of-war. Our team beat dad’s team 2 – 1. Everyone was laughing and red in the face.
Then it stopped raining and we did my favourite thing, the treasure hunt. In my team there was dad, Victoria and Claire. My mum and brother Hugo were with the Morrison family and we were racing each other. The treasure hunt took us all around Gosford Park, and we even saw a castle. We were not allowed in because a sign said “Trespassers will be prosecuted”. We had to find lots of trees and leaves like oak and beech trees. We wanted to find the sweets in the fallen tree first, but Richard found them first.
After the treasure hunt we were all very hungry and thirsty, and we had a barbecue. Just before we went home a group photo was taken by Arthur. Margaret and Christine gave out the treasure hunt prizes. My team came second and we got even more sweets. We had a great time and I am looking forward to next year’s sweety heaven. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a fun day.