St John's scores again .....

It was not a sun day,

but it certainly was a fun day.


The wet day meant that events planned for the rural deanery fun day "South City Alive"  had to be transferred indoors. 

While the clergy relearnt how to dribble upstairs, the younger ones downstairs rose to the occasion on the bouncy-castle, had their faces painted, and tested their skills at other games   

Meanwhile upstairs the five-a-side and Unihoc teams fought for the honour of their parish. 

Our winning team at Five-a side

Runners up at Unihoc

I searched the clergy team, but Father Ted was nowhere to be seen!


Tea arrived in the form of 150 chip suppers from a Chippy in Sandy Row.

The final worship session included singing and a message delivered by two camels and a little girl Lucy.