Our Mission

The mission of the Parish of St. John’s, Malone, is to proclaim the Gospel of the reconciling love of God in Christ through Word, Sacrament  and Daily Living

  • by the regular offering of worship to God in the best tradition of the Church of Ireland and to the highest standard we can attain;

  • by offering and maintaining our parish church as a holy place, hallowed by prayer and open to all who seek to enjoy the mystery of God’s presence in quiet and stillness;

  • by building a caring and sensitive church community responsive to the needs of others, including the need for private and personal space;

  • by encouraging open and informed exploration of the Christian Faith, embracing in fellowship and dialogue with those who wrestle with honest doubt;

  • by welcoming Christians of all traditions and accepting and respecting them in fellowship;

  • by exercising a special concern for and ministry to Inter-Church families;

  • by seeking to offer to all the opportunity to look beyond the preoccupations of often hectic lives towards that source of eternal calm, strength and renewal which is Almighty God.