Afternoon Forum

The Afternoon Forum meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month

 at 2.30 p.m. in the L'Estrange Hall unless indicated otherwise.

A short talk or some other stimulating activity is

followed by informal chat over tea and buns.


The Forum welcomes non-parishioners and we would

encourage members to bring along friends and family to any

meeting which might be of interest to them.

  Programme for 2018/19



25 Sept 2018

“Sister Suffragette”


22 Jan 2019

 Her Life and works


by Stephanie Lowry

by Lady Christine Eames




23 Oct 2018

"Ramblings of an Irish RM"


26 Feb 2019

“Human Trafficking in NI”


by Richard Wiklson

by Jill Robinson




27 Nov 2018



26 March 2019

30th Anniversary Celebration









28 May 2019

"Stray Animal Rescue"



by Debbie Dolittle




June 2019

Outing – to be arranged